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Viktor Farcic

Viktor Farcic is a Principal DevOps Architect at Codefresh, a member of the Google Developer Experts and Docker Captains groups, and published author.

The software industry constantly evolves. New open source projects are created daily and the solutions from software vendors are increasing at a rapid pace. No one can follow all the advancements. To make the situation more complicated, whatever is relevant today, might become obsolete tomorrow.

We need to focus on what works and, at the same time, what might prevail and keep being relevant for at least a while longer. We need to be close to the edge if we want to be competitive while, at the same time, we need to balance today's needs with what we'll need in the future.

Coming up to speed

Coming up to speed on everything that's new is an impossible task. I've spent my career making decisions about tooling required to produce reliable software, quickly and guiding others to do the same. My current passions are GitOps, CI/CD, containers, cloud, and Kubernetes. As a member of the Google Developer Experts and Docker Captains Group, often I am out on the speaking circuit but this past year I stayed home and wrote more for the The DevOps Toolkit: Catalog, Patterns and Blueprints as part of the The Devops Toolkit Series and recorded the DevOps Paradox with my good friend and co-host Darin Pope.

A Crash-course on The DevOps Toolkit: Catalog, Patterns, and Blueprints

Whether you're fed up with the current toolkit, or been assigned to review it, more than likely it's not your day job. And it's not likely you have unlimited time or budget to identify and make possible changes. This book is special. Instead of doing a deep dive into a single tool or spending hours investigating a solution that you might not even use, the book provides you with a base knowledge so you can better understand if the tool is worth more investment.

I've cataloged the fundamentals of the most essential DevOps tools, giving you a production level usage of quite a few tools like GitOps, Kubernetes, Containers as a Service (CaaS), CI/CD. As you read, I want you to be able to apply the lessons learnt through hands-on examples to your production systems. Feedback from other readers has confirmed that these summaries give you an understanding of which tools are the right choice for specific tasks. And which tools are worth adopting and diving into the details, and which are not.

Popular topics include:

  • How the use the most commonly used DevOps tools
  • Deploying Applications Using GitOps Principles
  • Applying Progressive Delivery

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One step at a time

Quickly gaining a solid understanding of the relevant and essential DevOps tools you need to move or stay at the forefront of your industry, is possible. If you are interested in the latest and greatest and ready to shrug of the past, The DevOps Toolkit: Catalog, Patterns and Blueprints is designed to help you.

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